5 Months & Counting

We are now on the serious side of our move to Kenya. We’ve had the privilege of hosting our CEO Pastor Robin Aim for a week. Pete was the chauffeur and did over 1,000km’s just around Sydney and the Southern Highlands. It was great spending time with him and talking about all things to do with Afri-Lift.

This week we head to New Zealand to say farewell to our family and friends. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been there and while we’re looking forward to seeing people we are not going to enjoy the freezing weather. I’m making sure I take a hot water bottle, my ugg boots and some warm gear we wore up Mount Kilimanjaro last year!

We’ve just printed off our supporters brochures, so if you want one please make sure you contact us.

Great news, in Australia we have tax deductibility status, which means if you support us you get a receipt you can use in your tax return. Another good reason to donate!

Don’t forget that we want to catch up with you all before we leave, so drop me a message via our site here or on Facebook.