Care Packages

From our room we get to see people exercising, food dropoffs and a business centre. Sometimes people chat with relatives through the fences – there’s 2 layers of them to keep people separated.

Of course the main activity is people dropping off food parcels. Why, you may ask – the food is absolutely horrendous in MIQ. It’s pretty much always cold or lukewarm. Imagine having scrambled eggs that are only just warm? We aren’t allowed microwaves, toastie machines or toasters in our rooms in case they start a fire. The staff here spend a lot of time making sure everyone is separated so a fire drill is out of the question.

I am really glad we don’t have small kids in MIQ. Not only would they have lots of energy, they would hate the food.

We’ve done several Countdown orders but we were super blessed when my cousin Jeanette and her husband Jeff organised a care package for us. She baked us a lovely loaf and somehow smuggled in a huge knife. Check out the video below.

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