9 Months Till Takeoff

Boxes are being packed, promotional material is getting designed and now we’re up to investigating exciting things like where to buy fireworks from in Nairobi.

We’ve just celebrated Australia Day, what a blast it was! Liz had a great time, and finally, it stopped raining in Sydney.

Moving to another country sounds simple, but there’s some complicated. For example, we hold New Zealand passports, but live in Australia and plan to retire back here one day. After being here for 10 years, we consider it home. So, do we register our plans to move with the NZ or Aussie High Commissions? In the end, I write to my friend at the office in Nairobi and she says to register with both. I guess in the end it’s about keeping the main thing the main thing and just letting someone official know we’re there.

Some people think moving to Nairobi is the craziest thing we could do. Probably is, but we haven’t been called to just exist but LIVE. Sure, we will miss all the very cool things Australia has to offer, but Kenya has some unique awesome thngs of its own.

More about that next time. Until then it’s back to deciding what to take and enjoying what we have right now.