Time is Flying

I’ve just realised I haven’t blogged on this site since January, how bad is that!!

Lots has been happening since then so here’s the lowdown:

  • We’ve started packing up the boxes – why have stuff collecting dust when it can be stored
  • Decided to take as little as possible, $10K is way too much to pay for a container full of stuff needing to be replaced anyway
  • We’ve bought all the Sheridan towels for the guest room, it’s hard not to use them that’s for sure
  • The only item left to purchase is the cappuccino machine for Pete, I have my juicer
  • All our DVD’s are securely packed in a couple of wallets so that no nice customs person can uplift them for an early Christmas present
  • The tickets to New Zealand are booked for our final family farewell in June

Poor Lizzie, her room looks like a storage facility. We’ve started clearing out the garage to put the boxes in but with Pete working so many long hours it could be a while. She has secured a trail to her bed which is the main thing!

It sounds easy to pack up, but we’ve had to make decisions on things like my wedding dress. There’s no negotiables like some of the kids toys when they were babies. All the old photos, pre-digital days have been scanned and backed up ready to go onto a digital photo frame.

Meantime we’ve started buying clothes and shoes in our wonderful sales so that when we leave we’ll have brand new belongings to last us until we come back in a year for more shopping. Not that Nairobi doesn’t have some great malls, but we won’t have much of an income to splurge on extras.

Last but not least, our supporters packs have been printed and ready to give out. We need 100 supporters giving $40 a month. This will incorporate all living and operational costs. Don’t worry, we have you on our list!!!

One thing’s for sure, no matter how little or large amount of gear we’re taking we won’t be carrying it like this woman in Rwanda.