Kenya, we’re coming!

There’s now 7 billion people in the world. That’s massive and mind blowing. It’s certainly more than we can count on our fingers that’s for sure.

We love Kenya. It’s an amazing place, so diverse, full of challenges and opportunity. Although people are saying the world will end in 2012, for us, it’s simply the beginning of the next step of our journey. We leave Sydney on October 25 and head (via the USA) to Nairobi to set up home there. A team will arrive to climb Kilimanjaro to help raise funds for water projects across East Africa and then we head into settling into life there.

While there are plenty of things we can do there, we’re going to be specific in what we do and make sure our work is effective in bringing about change in the community.

Yes, we’ll be continuing the work of BeyondWater, as it really has transformed whole communities. But, we’re adding to our work by joining the team of Afri-Lift who have been on the ground for 30 years in Kenya. We’ve got a great relationship with the team there and know that what they do changes the lives of young people forever. It will be really nice to work with a team in a hands on environment, focus on people and use all the resources we’ve been blessed with to help young people.

1 thought on “Kenya, we’re coming!

  1. The African people are so special and it is a privilige to work with them and I know you will be a great blessing to them. Excited for you, praying for you and will definitely come and visit next year. Enjoy reading your blog and watching you journey into all that God has planned for you.

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